5 Ways to Attract Customers, Fast!

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Looking forward to getting more customers, and faster? These five easy steps will have you ringing up the cash register in no time. 1. Editorials: TV ads, print ads, billboard posters splashed outside shopping malls and bus stops - advertising is something you shouldn’t be afraid to spend on. Catchy lines, phrases, jingles and creative

Why Delighting your Customer is Key to any Business?

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Just as the age old saying goes, “the customer is always right”, customer delight is altogether a new standard. It’s no longer about the service or the satisfaction, but rather all about communication, assistance, and interaction finally leads to a delighted customer. Satisfying a customer, is providing them with a service they seem to expect.

Nakefit, Shoes of the Future?

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Wouldn’t it be absolutely great to walk around barefoot? Not just at home, but outside too? Without worrying about the nicks, cuts and dirt getting on to your soles and damaging your feet? Forget your flipflops and other heavy footwear, and get yourselves the all new Nakefit. A pair of stick-on soles that are waterproof

Storytelling Strategies to Improve Public Speaking

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Public speaking is an art, mastering it takes some tweaking and strategizing to make sure that your next presentation is not a snooze-fest. To be a good orator, you must have the power to create an interest in your story, a little bit of drama to shake up even the driest of information. Telling a

Why Millennials are Redesigning the Culture of the 21st Century Workplace?

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Anyone born between the years 1980 and 2000 are famously labelled as the Millennials. With large numbers of this generation entering employment, they are changing the face of the workplace as you know it. Their career goals, attitude towards work, and knowledge of new technologies will reshape and define the world of work for years

Not Knowing these Startups Makes you a Rookie!

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Companies that came in with a big bang and are changing the world of business as we know it. We’ve compiled a list of the top hottest startups to watch out for this season. Who: Freshtohome Founders: Shan Kadavil. Investors: Kortschak Investments, Rajan Anandan, Mark Pincus, Alex Garden An online marketplace for fresh fish and livestock produce,