The obsession with Instagram has finally caught on. With stories, boomerangs, filters and so many more added features, Instagram has become your go to place for all sources of information, inspiration and motivation. A place to share your pictures and videos with your peers and to keep checks on your favourite celebrities, world leaders and other famous personalities.
With diverse backgrounds and incredible life experiences, these people are the rising stars of Instagram. From technology to business and from fitness to fashion, these people share their daily struggles and achievements. Popularly known as hustlers, doers, go getters and innovators. If you are a fellow Instagrammer, then these are the motivational speakers, CEOs, bloggers, entrepreneurs and coaches, you need to follow today!
1. @garyvee

Gary Vaynerchuk, an entrepreneur, bestselling author and a motivational speaker. A man with a with 1.7 million-plus followers, is raw, ruthless, straightforward, hard hitting and extremely inspirational. Talking about facts and life lessons, his Instagram account is filled with videos, quotes and speeches. Driving you to getting to where you want to be, launching your business and fulfilling your passion.
2. @tonyrobbins

It took building businesses, writing books, delivering motivational speeches and four decades of hard work for Tony Robbins to become a world-famous personality. In need of self-help? Then he’s your main man! His Instagram account is filled with quotes and videos of his speeches from all his worldly travels and engagements.
3. @mcuban
A key investor on Shark Tank, Mark Cuban has made billions in world of innovation and the tech industry. Sharing snippets into his life and his business, and behind the scenes at Shark Tank, his Instagram account is a wonderful mix of a work life balance.
4. @marieforleo
Marie Forleo hosts her own tv show, and has set up a digital empire as a life coach and motivational speaker. She posts clipping of her show along with motivational quotes on her Instagram.
5. @timferriss
Tim Ferris is the advisor to the biggest tech companies in the world. He also the host of his own tv show, The Tim Ferris Show. Snippets of his interviews with guests such as Marc Andreessen, Peter Thiel, and Maria Popova, photos of his travels and other motivational images heavily populate his Instagram.
6. @andyfrisella
Andy Frisella is the CEO of 1st Phorm, a supplement company that he helped personally grow into a multi-million-dollar force. He believes that one should spend more time doing something rather than complaining about it. His Instagram consists of mainly inspirational quotes, tips and behind the scenes snippets of his popular podcast.
7. @timothysykes
Timothy Sykes took $12,415 in penny stocks and turned it into over $4.2 million. Now he travels the world teaching people his art on what he did and how to do it. Teaching people smart investment. He posts a lot of helpful messages and content you can apply to your own business.
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