Looking forward to getting more customers, and faster? These five easy steps will have you ringing up the cash register in no time.
1. Editorials:
TV ads, print ads, billboard posters splashed outside shopping malls and bus stops – advertising is something you shouldn’t be afraid to spend on. Catchy lines, phrases, jingles and creative marketing will attract the targeted audience. Studies have shown that one of the strongest influences on buying power is ease of access. In other words, if your customers can get it easily, they’ll want it sooner.
2. Create some noise:
Any publicity is good publicity, right? Create a sense of interest in your target audience. Invite a local celebrity for a product/store launch, donate to a local charity, hand out freebies or hold a competition, and get the journalists involved. Once your event is out on tv or the newspaper, it will invite a larger clientele. Put the footage on your site, on your YouTube channel to generate more.
3. Limited season products to inflate sales or a blowout sale on limited products:
Give the customers a once in a life time opportunity to buy products that may never be on the production line again. Limited season products tend to be priced slightly higher than the regular products. Alternatively, an end of season knockout sale also boosts your sales and attracts more customers. Holding a sale on limited products or till stocks last for a certain period of time only, will get customers walking into your store in no time.
4. Social media marketing:
More people are watching YouTube than they watch television and more people read news websites and online magazines instead of the paper versions. Targeting your audience through social media is currently the largest and fastest trend. More businesses are moving on to creating editorials, advertisement, contests and other exciting methods of attracting customers. With the right creatives, catchy words and phrases that people are likely to type into search engines when seeking a new product. You can also use trending hashtags on social media sites like Twitter. This helps to give your brand exposure in multiple online areas.
5. Create a reward program for your existing customers:
Ask your customers to refer your business. Provide them with incentives like freebies, discounts and any additional services, for every few referrals they make. The reward system should be large enough to pique the customers interest into taking action. Create a loyalty program. The more amount of money they spend the more points they accumulate. This pushes them on to higher levels providing them with exciting prizes and additional discounts. The higher their total the more the benefits.