Just as the age old saying goes, “the customer is always right”, customer delight is altogether a new standard. It’s no longer about the service or the satisfaction, but rather all about communication, assistance, and interaction finally leads to a delighted customer.

Satisfying a customer, is providing them with a service they seem to expect. But, delighting a customer is by going that extra mile to offer them a service that they had not seen coming.

Customer delight doesn’t begin with the customer, but begins at the place of work. Training your staff to become almost invaluable to the client. Providing the team with necessary data and information that allows them to combat issues, increase and improve response time in a methodical and professional manner, and are personable and empathetic towards the customer. If you do not respond quickly to your customer, you will lose an opportunity for great and valuable feedback. Do not give an opportunity to your competition to serve your customers with better and faster services. Speed is key.

Pay close attention to what your customer has to say. Feedbacks that are practical and realistic should always be accounted for. Allowing you to understand their needs, there by upping the ante to serve them better. Most companies allow products and services to be tested out by real customers to build something useful. People know what they want, but not always what they need. Create a product or a service that they had no clue about, but now cannot live without. Listening to customer feedback is very useful giving you the right edge towards delighting them.

Give your customers a chance to be heard, by allowing them to communicate a problem to a specific person within the company. Giving them a point of contact, allows them to voice their opinion and feedback.

Give your customers the space that they need, by not over burdening them with emails and promotions. But once in a while throw in an unexpected surprise in the form of coupons, incentives, giveaways or even handwritten notes to make your customers day. Providing them with products and services they do not expect is good for the long haul. In turn customers will refer you to their family and friends, which is an added credit.

Every company has its set of policies. But every situation is different and should be treated differently. You don’t always have to do as the customer says, but bending the policies every once in a while, wouldn’t hurt. Always be open and flexible when it comes to pleasing your customers.

Don’t let your customers be in the dark. Many times, while resolving an issue, a customer is told that their problem is being fixed and nothing more. Instead, explain to the customer the necessary steps that are being taken to resolve the problem. The level of transparency will be much appreciated.

Putting yourself in their shoes to resolve or prevent a problem, will make you golden. Being proactive and not reactive, will help you delight your customers.