Wouldn’t it be absolutely great to walk around barefoot? Not just at home, but outside too? Without worrying about the nicks, cuts and dirt getting on to your soles and damaging your feet? Forget your flipflops and other heavy footwear, and get yourselves the all new Nakefit. A pair of stick-on soles that are waterproof and come with protective slip-on adhesive pad for your feet.

Sharp objects, rocks, hot sidewalks and wet floors can harm your feet and cause danger of slipping and make walking around barefoot uncomfortable. Nakefit, a concept created and developed in Italy by Sabato Alterio, gives you the freedom of walking around barefoot.

Nakefit is currently looking at being funded on Kickstarter. The idea originally looked at raising €20,000 but the company managed to raise nearly 10 times that amount with €209,545 being pledged to the incredible idea.

Nakefit comes in packs of ten, with a single-use hypoallergenic adhesive pad that adds a layer of protection to the bottom of your feet. Which enables you to walk in the park, a beach or the poolside without feeling like you’re going to burn your feet off. For application, all you must do is remove the adhesive backing on the shoes and press them against the bottom of your feet. Jumping into the pool? No problem. Nakefit has been engineered to stay on your feet even when under water. As easy as they were to put on, these hyper minimalist summer shoes pull right off without any hassle.

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