Been almost all over the world, but never got to explore the cities you visited because you were too busy cooped up and hunched over your laptop in meetings and board rooms? Why not take some time off, or rather add a couple of days to your existing business trip to experience all the culture and adventure around you?

What you need is, Bleisure! You read it right. A popular buzzword to define travellers who combine business trips with leisure. Reports state that 60 percent of travellers reported having taken bleisure trips, with 30 percent adding at least two additional days to their trip. This allows them to take some time off to go sightseeing or just in general destress. Doing this you get some bonding time with your team, your significant other, or even just by yourself. While a portion of your travel expense will be covered by your company, you would have to use your personal budget to pay for your family if you decide not to travel solo.

The top three bleisure activities include sightseeing, dining, and local cultural experiences. Here’s a look at a few dos and don’ts on your next bleisure trip;

  • DO schedule two to four extra days off
    According to most travellers, two to four days are enough to stop by the most popular museums, taste the local cuisine or dine out at the most popular restaurants, catch up on some shopping, and visit other sightseeing locations.
  • DON’T save your work for last
    Always make sure that your leisure travel is scheduled at the end of your working hours. Imagine spending an entire weekend playing it up at Vegas only to be called into an important meeting on Monday morning. The immediate stress shift will be a complete buzzkill for your overall bleisure trip. Besides, taking a break to see the city and experience its culture after your business trip is over is more stress free and relaxing.
  • DO bring along company
    If you are a frequent traveller and get hardly any time to spend with your loved ones then this is a great opportunity to bring them along on your next trip. This way you can make some memories and spend some quality time together.
  • DON’T wing it
    If you are planning on a bleisure trip, make sure you plan in advance. Read through city guides, make a list of things you want to see, places you want to go to and all the restaurants you would want to eat in. You don’t have to limit yourself to only touristy things, but also indulge in paths less taken to experience more of what the place has to offer.
  • DO plan bleisure trips more often
    With hectic schedules, it’s very difficult to plan a vacation once or twice every year. Try to squeeze in a day or two extra after your business travel, and spend some time exploring the city. This way you won’t be exhausted and could prevent burnout.

It’s so easy to get tired, run down and jetlagged during and after your business trip. By planning a bleisure trip, you get a little wiggle room for fun and can really help keep your mind and body in a positive state. So the next time you’re on your business trip, add a little fun and turn it into a bleisure.